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Last night, after a particularly grueling medical appointment, my husband and I decided to torture ourselves further, by going grocery shopping. Upon walking into our local supermarket, I noticed strawberries were on sale, as were those little sponge cakes, and upon further inspection of the store, whipped cream was also on sale! Yay, team!

So I decided to treat my family to strawberry shortcake for dessert last night. Now, I prefer a homemade fluffy biscuit, to sponge cake, but the husband and the Dad-in-law prefer the latter, so I compromised.

After putting away two weeks worth of groceries, I made dinner – which consisted of ham, macaroni and cheese, brown sugar glazed carrots, and baked beans. Once everyone’s bellies were full, my Mom-in-law and I cleaned up and got to work on the Strawberry Shortcake – cutting the strawberries & mixing with granulated sugar.

Later, dessert was served, and all was happy within the Wood house. 🙂

Photo Credit: April L Wood

Which brings me to Strawberry and Sage by Author Amanda Gale. Author Amanda Gale is a woman who I greatly admire and respect. I love her writing style and appreciate the help she gave me with my blurb for my novel, Winter’s Curse. My strawberry shortcake had me thinking of Abigail, from Strawberry and Sage, and her quest to make the perfect strawberry pie for Gabriel.

It’s true; the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. My husband is now double the size he was when I met him – whoops 🙂 – but it makes me so happy when I make him a dinner or dessert that he really enjoys and requests again. When he tells me he loves my cooking and baking, it brightens my mood. I love cooking and baking for him and my family for this reason: because I feel appreciated.

A historical romance novella for readers of the Meredith series and new readers alike.

Set in 1967 in the lush mountains of Vermont, Strawberry and Sage is a tale of friendship, love, and the perfect strawberry pie.

Gabriel Kelly is a hard-working young carpenter carrying the weight of responsibility on his back. With his father injured on the job and his brother fighting in Vietnam, Gabriel struggles to stay positive. And with the possibility of being drafted looming over him, he can focus only on things that matter, like visiting the mountain, where he regains clarity, and cherishing his time with Abigail, the childhood friend with whom he’s always been in love.

Abigail Wheeler is a bright, ambitious college student who just knows she can change the world. Determined to make good use of opportunities her mother never had, she spends her time campaigning for women’s rights and planning for her future. Her own experiences have taught her that the world is full of promise. So when Gabriel confesses his heart, she is torn, unsure whether they’d be compatible even though she secretly loves him too.

In a tumultuous time when change is the only constant, Gabriel and Abigail long to find meaning and to find themselves. As their friendship is tested by wars both inside and out, they discover that the differences that had kept them apart are actually why they need each other most.


My Thoughts

I can’t get this goofy, sappy grin off my face!

Strawberry and Sage was an absolute feel-good read, that had me smiling from page one till the end. I devoured it one sitting, (much like I’d like to do to Abigail’s strawberry pie!). I enjoyed reading Abigail and Gabriel’s story, and I feel like I know them even better now, than I did from reading The Meredith Series. I am so glad that Author Amanda Gale gave them their own story!

I loved the ending! Like I mentioned above, it was VERY Abigail. 🙂 It made me LAUGH OUT LOUD! I wasn’t expecting that conclusion, but was overjoyed that it happened that way.

Author Amanda Gale has a knack for world building. Upon page one, I was transported to Grandma Wheeler’s strawberry field, and was charmed by young Abigail and Gabriel, and as time progressed, I felt myself growing with them, and adapting to the changed surroundings. The transition was smooth, and I never felt that there were any gaps, even though the story spanned from age 8-21, within approximately 100 pages.

I loved this story, and couldn’t possibly recommend it enough. A perfect summer read to enjoy with or without a slice of pie! (Uh oh, now I’m craving pie!)


Treat yourself to a copy of Strawberry & Sage by Author Amanda Gale! (Amazon, USA)

About Amanda Gale

Amanda  GaleAmanda Gale taught high school English before she began writing romance and women’s fiction. She is a lover of history and an incurable night owl. She lives outside Philadelphia, where she enjoys taking her three young boys to the art museum and hiking on the Wissahickon trail.



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